Customer Service

customer service

Dedication to Customer support materially distinguishes Comprise. We are keenly aware of the importance of our support role and, frankly, never stop working to improve it. Knowledgeable service representatives are available during all of your business hours seven days a week.

Each implementation with Comprise begins with our Customer Service team. Your Customer Service Representative will make sure that we understand how you want our products to fit your requirements as well as your implementation schedule, and usage/privacy policies before coordinating a handoff to one of our Project Managers, who have deep knowledge of our products. Once your implementation is complete our Project Manager will hand you back to your personal Customer Service Representative so that you have a permanent contact here at Comprise.

Behind the scenes, Comprise financial products are supported by our Transaction Monitoring Team (TMT).  Financial transactions rely on several moving parts…often including your bill generating software, the Internet and a card payment processor. TMT members receive text alerts whenever any financial transaction results in an unexpected outcome.  This shortens the time between an unsuccessful transaction and our analysis/response to it.  It’s not unusual for us to learn about and resolve an issue before a customer even knows it exists.

Finally, we know that training reduces support issues so our Customer Service Team has written, starred, and published a complete series of short videos about every Comprise product.  The full library of these videos is available on our support portal; please view a sample at