Smart Solution

Solution In A Box



Smart Solution is designed and priced for small libraries of 1 to 3 locations with an average of 10 public-use PCs per location and total circulation of less than 100,000 pieces per year.
Smart Solution consists of these four Comprise products that all work together:

  1. Simpler SAM for PC management including a SignUp system that authenticates your patrons, session timers, Internet filter, and print.
  2. SmartALEC for mobile printing so patrons can send print documents from anywhere.
  3. SmartPAY for VISA or MasterCard payment of fines, fees, and printing.
  4. Smart Money Manager POS for your staff desk to provide real-time cash drawer reconciliation.

Finally, all these product report consolidated data, so you get the information you need to make informed decisions.

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