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SMART Trek: An American Library Tour

A celebration of American Libraries & Culture during the Pandemic

Over the past 20 years, public libraries have adapted their programs and services to become community hubs. As an active contributor in the Public Library sector, Comprise is committed to advancing the cause of “Library as Community”. In keeping with our commitment, we are pleased to participate in supporting the “SMART Trek”, a cross country journey by teacher/blogger Brendan Coulson to highlight some of the ways libraries play a role in the culture of their communities.

Follow Brendan’s journey on our website & our social media accounts.

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About your tour guide: Brendan Coulson is an educator taking a year to travel America to discover and chronicle local culture, with a particular interest in how that culture is expressed through regional music and community events.

Will you join us as we give voice to this journey and read about libraries like yours?!